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Creating The Mood

The Ottawa Sun – Saturday January 24, 2015 – Home Plus Decorative Touches – Relationship between paint and mood Painting is one of the easiest and lease expensive ways to transform the look of a space. The colours homeowners choose for their walls can give…

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10 Mistakes DIY Painters Make

Underestimating How Much Paint You Need Can’t I just pick up a few cans of paint and if I run out go back to the store and buy more? Buying the Right Amount of Paint at the Beginning Will: save you time, you won’t be…

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Reflecting on Sheen

There you stand, surveying your home…your home that is starting to look a little dull and dingy! Hmmm, a little home improvement might be a good idea. Wonder what those walls would look like with a fresh coat of paint! You’ve decided to use latex…