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Granite – Makes Your Kitchen Rock!

Article by Leroy Campbell, Genesis Renovation Services Granite is such a hard and tough stone and for this reason it has gained widespread use as a construction material. Granite is composed primarily of quartz, mica and formed from volcanic magma. Granite is now the leading…

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Not all Basement Subfloor Systems are Created Equal

by Dave Murray, OVRX When it comes to basement flooring ideas, a subfloor is a necessity, not an option. But why do you need a basement subfloor system? For basement remodeling, there are three important features that a basement subfloor must provide: Basement Floor Moisture…

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A Bigger Bathroom Through Lighting Techniques

Article by Bellacor As is the case when selecting lighting for any room in your home, an important thing to consider is the design and layout of that space. The illumination of a room affects our perception of space proportions as light reflects from various…

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