Flooring - Lassiter Ter.

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Flooring – Lassiter Ter.

Services provided

  • Removed loose sticky tiles
  • Put down Airguard Underlaymant for basements
  • Lay laminate floor
  • Lay quarter round

About the project

Genesis Renovation was asked to lay a laminate floor in the basement of a condo on Lassiter Terrace in Beacon Hill (Ottawa).

The basement floor was formerly covered with sticky tiles that were coming loose. Our first job was to clean the floor of all loose tiles. We then lay down the Airguard Underlayment for basements, this was chosen because of the humidity in that is usually present in basements. This was an excellent choice for this basement because there had been some flooding, which lead to an increase in humidity. The next step was to lay the laminate flooring then lay and attach the quarter round. Part of the wall on the left side was left opened, the trim removed and the quarter round not installed due to repair work that needs to be preformed on the outter wall where the flooding occurred.

Floor with sticky tiles coming off

Laminate floor