Flooring - Valley Stream

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Flooring – Valley Stream

Services provided

  • Removal of old tiling
  • Installation of plywood
  • Installation of ceramic tiles
  • Sanding of parquetry floor
  • Refinishing of parquetry floor

About the project

Another home improvement that the new owner on Valley Stream asked Genesis Renovation to do was to update the flooring.

The flooring in the kitchen was outdated. We removed the old tiles and the old subfloor, installed a new subfloor and beautiful ceramic tiles. The flooring in the living room was parquetry wood floors that required a bit of attention. We had the living room floor refinished which brought out the beauty of the wood as well as giving the room a warmer feeling.

Tiling in kitchen

Ceramic tiles in kitchen

Parquetry flooring in need of refinishing

Refinishes parquetry floor